What is it?

The retina is the inside nerve layer of the eye.  It is adherent to the inside of the eye. If a break develops in this layer, the liquid gel inside the eye (“vitreous”) can seep under the break and detach the retina from the inside of the eye. This is termed a retinal detachment. If the retina is detached, it will not function.

How may it be treated?

A retinal detachment can be repaired with an operation. There are two types of operation for this.

An operation called a pars plana vitrectomy removes the vitreous gel from inside the eye. Then a bubble of gas is injected in conjunction with laser or freezing therapy to seal the break.

Alternatively, a small piece of plastic may be stitched onto the outside of the eye. In conjunction with this freezing therapy may be used to seal the break, thus repair the detachment.

Mr Chandra will discuss the specific options with you in detail.